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The Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble Performs “Bereisheet”

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The Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble Performs “Bereisheet”



Combining elements of the ancient with the modern, the avant-garde with the traditional, and the classical with folk, Chloe is joined by a world-class ensemble of musicians from Argentina, Egypt, Iran, and the U.S. The Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble creates a unique blend of textures and sounds that travel from East to West, offering an exhilarating experience with each performance.

A unique combination of instruments and creative personalities highlight the enormous talents of Daniel Raijman on guitar, Alexander Meimand on Persian tar, Zack Lodmer on clarinet, Ramin Abrams on bass, and master percussionists Jamie Papish and Ava Nahas.