Mission & Vision: An Academic Home for Music of the American Jewish Experience

To expand audiences and increase knowledge of the Jewish experience in America through art, heritage and sacred music by developing directed educational initiatives, supporting academic research, and curating performance-based opportunities.


To advance the LM Center at HASOM as the global leader in building the field for Music of the American Jewish Experience (MAJE) through educational programs, research, performance, and community engagement.

We are committed to making both a local and a global impact in our field through our work in the following areas:

Develop new academic offerings and coordinate curricular offerings and programs with academic units and centers at UCLA.

Develop academic concentrations, minors and majors in the field of MAJE.

Support academic research and scholarship in, and knowledge about, the field of MAJE with excellence and integrity.

Support scholarly and academic activities that allow researchers and academics at UCLA and universities throughout the world to explore MAJE, consider its rich intricacies and socio-historic connections, and contextualize and re-contextualize its players and themes for new audiences.

Curate and present musical performances at the highest level of artistic excellence for audiences primarily in the Los Angeles area.

Champion new music creation and performance.

Partner with cultural, religious, educational and historical organizations to increase access to information and knowledge of MAJE.

Engage the community through public performances, lectures and programs designed to raise the profile and reach of the LM Center.


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Live Performance
Secret Chord Concerts: Neta Elkayam & Amit Hai Cohen
Neta Elkayam is a world-renowned Israeli singer of North African music who connects the spirits of her Moroccan Jewish mothers to audiences around the world. With musical production by Amit Hai Cohen.
For the Love of Opera: Celebrating RBG’s 88th Birthday
RBG was notoriously passionate about opera. It’s no surprise that the plots of her favorite operas often paralleled her professional pursuit of justice.
Live Performance
The Gates of Justice
A historic performance of The Gates of Justice took place in February 2023 at UCLA’s iconic Royce Hall. For the first time ever, Brubeck’s sons performed as the accompanying jazz trio.
Klezmer Workshop and Concert with Craig Judelman and Sasha Lurje
Academic Talk
Jewish Music Masterclass Featuring Inna Faliks
We spoke with Inna Faliks, the acclaimed Ukrainian-born American pianist and Head of Piano at UCLA. Inna engaged with attendees, shared music and explored the inspirations behind her compositions.