The Oral History Project of American Jewish Music, created by the Lowell Milken Center for Music of American Jewish Experience in partnership with the Milken Archive of Jewish Music: the American Experience, is an audiovisual platform that provides a portal for scholars, researchers, musicians, listeners, and fans of Jewish Music to explore interviews of leading musicians, composers, cantors, and performers. A number of the oral histories feature historically significant individuals who are no longer living, such as Dave Brubeck and Freydele Oysher.

The field of Jewish Music has gained a new valuable resource which will expand knowledge about the evolving nature of music of the American Jewish experience.

1955 — American composer
Bruce Adolphe
1908-2007 — Russian-born soprano
Mascha Benya
1920-2012 — American jazz pianist and composer
Dave Brubeck
1949 — Israeli-American composer
Shulamit Ran
1915-2012 — American composer of classical music
David Diamond
1914-2008 — actor, singer, and dancer in the American Yiddish theater.
Esta Salzman
Hazzan David Tilman b. 1949