Mission & Vision: An Academic Home for Music of the American Jewish Experience

The Lowell Milken Center is committed to introducing new people beyond UCLA’s campus to the musical journeys of America’s Jews and engaging them with this wonderfully rich musical heritage. The Center fosters new artistic expression, presents performances and offers educational programming in communities, such as the adult education curriculum, called Stories of Music. Much of this engagement happens through partnerships with local, national and international organizations, and features artists from UCLA, Los Angeles and beyond.

Academic Talk
Jewish Music Masterclass Featuring Gerard Edery
Learn about Edery's work as he engages with attendees and explores the inspirations behind his compositions.
Live Performance
UCLA Klezmer Ensemble Gets Funky
Featuring the tunes "Baym Rein in Palestine" and "Rumshinsky's Bulgar (Zetz!)" as performed by members of the UCLA Klezmer Ensemble and Jazz IDP.
Live Performance
Secret Chord Concerts: Tsvey Brider and Baymele
A collaborative performance by two groups, Tsvey Brider and Baymele.
Live Performance
The Gates of Justice
A historic performance of The Gates of Justice took place in February 2023 at UCLA’s iconic Royce Hall. For the first time ever, Brubeck’s sons performed as the accompanying jazz trio.
Live Performance
Spotlight on Inna Faliks
Ukrainian-born pianist Inna Faliks has established herself as one of the most communicative, and poetic artists of her generation.
Album Drop with Michael Winograd
Meet clarinetist Michael Winograd, one of the most respected and versatile working musicians in klezmer music today, and get the inside story on his newest album.
Live Performance
How David’s Quilt was Created
"David's Quilt" is a new oratorio created by 15 Los Angeles-based composers including faculty and graduate student composers from UCLA. Learn more about the creation of this unique work.

Engaging Students in Music of American Jewish Experience

As a university-based Center, we are committed to providing opportunities for students to explore and participate in Jewish music in a multiplicity of ways.